SmartMark Supports BGE’s Milestone ENERGY STAR Certification Process

SmartMark Supports BGE’s Milestone ENERGY STAR® Certification Process

Utility Solution is First Smart Home Solution to Be Certified by EPA

Philadelphia, PA – January 11, 2022 – SmartMark Communications announced today that the EPA has certified the BGE Smart Home Solutions as the first ENERGY STAR SHEMS product in the market. SmartMark Communications supported the BGE Connected Home and Small Business Demonstration technology trial and was a critical player in helping evaluate energy reduction by the devices through data collection and AMI energy use analysis.

SmartMark Communications is the leader in customer education strategies and solutions for utilities. The company has been supporting the advancement of customer facing technologies to improve energy management for more than two decades.

BGE serves more than 1.3 million electric customers and more than 680,000 gas customers in a diverse, 2,300-square-mile area encompassing Baltimore City and all or part of 10 central Maryland counties. It is an Exelon company.

“We believe that the success of the BGE smart home solution is contributed to the perfect balance of education, technology and customer support and we are thankful to SmartMark for helping us design a customer-centric program with impactful results for the utility,” said Sam duPont, Principal in BGE’s Utility of the Future Group. “It is exciting to demonstrate how a utility can leverage its AMI investments to further build customer facing tools to help improve energy management and customer service.”

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